CRM  is the implementation of
Strategy  not just a tactic.
Identifying your best and most profitable customers with predictive modelling driven by historical data is what a successful CRM implementation can do, rather than merely designing a program.
Our Mission
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Turning intangible ideas into actual strategies is never a challenge for Mobile.Cards. We provide a sophisticated CRM system and applications for enterprises in running loyalty program and redefining customer engagement based on segmentation in the Mobile-First Economy.
Enterprise CRM & Loyalty Solution. Turning data into valuable insight.
Maintain Brand Stickiness
A loyalty program helps create connections between your brand and your customers. It enhances the value of the brand, which helps retain existing customers.
Tracking & Data Analysis
Analysing consumer purchase data can help identify profitable customers and build market segments to foster right communication to specific group.
Value Consumer Preference
It allows organisations to reward customers differently according to their preferences and spending power.
Attract New Customer
Through CRM pipeline by constantly attracting new customers via bonus rewards to acquire new leads and turn into real customers.
People-centric Design in UI/UX Generate more engagement.
Best fit for enterprises, retailers, F&B, service industry and more.
The heart of our proprietary Mobile.Cards CRM suite consists of a diverse range technology solutions to foster loyalty program including branded mobile applications, backend data management, shopfront points activation & coupon redemption system, campaign automation and; cloud-based big data analytics module.
CRM Set Up & Implementation
Data Management System
Membership Mobile App
Shopfront Operation System
System Integration With 3rd Party
Data Analysis & Insights
Marketing Automation
Mapping Customer Segmentation to Loyalty
A good CRM system helps you know better who is really interested in what you have to offer, who is still being on the fence, and who’s cold as ice.
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